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Once Upon A Time.....

There were three of us...

7/7/06 11:30 am

Well, I haven't seen Riku or Sora in a while, but I have been hanging out with Selphie. We've been going out almost every day.

Mother and Father are leaving the islands again.  Their honeymoon is next week and Father said that her and him would be gone for a couple weeks. XD My parents are so lovey-dovey! But I guess that makes them who they are. 

Hope you're doing better, Riku!

Sora, call me sometime!!

6/30/06 08:15 am

Well, Mother, Father, and I are thinking about going on vacation soon. Nothing seems to be happening on the islands and I'm getting rather bored. Maybe I could suggest going to Twighligh town. I missed Roxas when he was here on the islands, so maybe I can make up for it this way. By going to see him in his home town. That'd be fun.

6/24/06 08:06 pm - Man, whatta day

Today was one of the worst days ever. I can't believe everything that happened.

I hope Sora gets ungrounded soon. I'm bored to death and I miss hanging out with him.

Oop, gotta go, Mother's hollering for me to go to dinner.


5/28/06 10:59 pm - Bo~ring

Haven't been on in a while. But school's out now. So I might be on more often. Not entirely sure. But I'll try to be.

5/5/06 11:56 am - So Bored!!

Man, I'm sitting in my last class and we're not even doing anything. Selphie isn't here today, if she was then I wouldn't be using the teacher's computer. 'Though, I'm the only one that's allowed to us it. I know I know, teacher's pet, but it's better than being bored half to death. I haven't seen Riku or Sora since that..... incident. I've atleast started eating again, not much, but a little. Mother says I've lost a noticeable amount of weight. I'm going to try and stop scaring Mother and Father. I just hope that I don't see that guy again..... He scared Riku pretty badly, so I'm only guessing that he's something that we don't want to mess with....

4/30/06 12:23 pm - I don't think I'm going ot be leaving the house for a while...

I was so scared..... I thought I was going to die. I don't really want to talk about it.

I stayed over at Riku's last night. I was trembling all night. I left really early too. It was still dark outside when I went home. I saw Riku's mother talking with some guys who were carrying boxes. I just left without saying a word to anyone else. And I've been in my room ever since. I can't eat anything, my stomach feels so bad.

4/15/06 02:28 pm - Another day, another gift......

I'm starting to really wonder who this guy is. I got a note from him yesterday:

How could you do this to me?

I could only guess that he was watching me while the three of us were out swimming. Talk about creepy.

Anyway, I guess that Riku, Sora, and I are a "couple"? I think that's what Sora said. We were all curious as to how that would work. One of Riku's comments came out of no where....

"Would things really change between us? Now, we can just make out with each other!"

Something tells me that they're going to be doing more making-out than anything. I guess I could just tape everything for blackmail. *evil snicker* Just kidding. I would never do that to them.

4/10/06 07:09 pm - At Sora's!!

Riku and I came over to Sora's today to help him feel better. Sora is really playing the part, as his mother put it. Then Sora had to go to the bathroom and they're still in there. I heard Sora yell Riku's name, then shortly after his mother came in to see what happened. She only found me in here. I told her where they were and she left the room. But after she left I got up to see what was taking them so long. Riku said they would be out in a bit so I came back to Sora's room. And I guess this is what I started doing. I'm going to go. I'll say something later, maybe, if I'm up to it.

I wonder what they really were doing in there.....

4/9/06 04:43 pm - The house.. is..... SPOTLESS!!!

There's nothing left to clean here. I keep searching but it's spotless.

Yesterday, Sora and I finally went with Riku to apartment hunt. Not much of a hunt. We went to Angel Heights. It's practically just around the corner from Sora's house. I had fun. I remember when Riku left to fill out the papers I was going to tell Sora my deepest darkest secret, but I decided against it.

I also spoke to Selphie after I got home from apartment hunting. We started talking about this love-letter that I got a couple days ago. As I hung up with her there was a knock on the front door. When I opened it no one was there, only a very large bouqet of beautifully arranged flowers. I stepped outside to see if I could possibly see if someone was there. Nothing. I looked at the flowers and saw an envelope snuggled in the middle. Here's what it said:

My Dear Kairi,

The beauty of these precious flowers pales in comparison to you.

I'm starting to get a bit creeped out now. I thought it might've been ok if this guy was only at school, but he knows where I live? I'll have to keep a sharp eye out to see if I can get a glimpse. It kept me up for quite a while last night. I couldn't help think that I might be endanger. I sat in my room and stared out my window. It took me a while before sleep finally found me. Well, I'm heading over to Sora's. He caught my cold. I feel terrible about it. I'm going to make him something to eat to make it up to him.

Caoi Everyone!

4/8/06 04:53 pm - I'm bored by myself....

Well, Mother said that her and Father will be gone for another couple weeks. She says that things keep getting worse and worse somehow. So I'm incredibly bored. I found this from the others LJs and thought I'd do it.

Well, that's it for me. I'm not sure what else to talk about. So I guess I'll just get off and clean up something..... Though, I'm not sure what to clean since my home is practically SPOTLESS!!! I guess I'll find something to do eventually. *fist of determination* I'll scrub this house from top to bottom as a present for Mother's birthday. Alright, better get started. *sighs* I really don't want to do this. Someone come relieve me of my work. Anyway, love you all. Bye.
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